Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides manufacturers with ERP to implement scheduling systems focused on accommodating a customer’s needs.

For manufacturing enterprises, implementing new enterprise resource planning is a vital part of keeping operations running smoothly. A business’ manufacturing business software must evolve to fit the changing needs of their customers. Its ability to implement scheduling systems to facilitate production in line with a customer’s schedule has allowed Microsoft Dynamics NAV to thrust itself to the forefront of manufacturing business software. The multitude of solutions that the Microsoft business software provides manufacturing enterprises enables them to increase efficiency and over-all productivity to meet customer demand.

The PlannerOne application for Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers manufacturing enterprises a customized interface for each user. Enabling users to have insight into production allows them to make scheduling decisions that beneficially impact the manufacturing process. The ability to monitor production in real time enables PlannerOne users to address issues that arise in the manufacturing process, circumventing delays or over production that would be costly to their enterprise.

Scheduling GanttHaving the ability to intervene into the production process allows users to respond to customer requirements regarding particular orders. Giving sales representatives and marketing division access to resource, production order, custom Gantt chats, load charts and resource sequence lists provides those employees with a means to analyze and influence production. Having this basis of analytical ability provides salespeople the ability to use this data to articulate more customer focused initiatives. Providing sales, marketing and manufacturing employees insightful access to ERP software enables a manufacturing enterprise to install a mode of production that is conducive to the subjective orders of it’s customers.

This advantage of Microsoft Dynamics NAV means that the manufacturing software will improve the productivity of multiple divisions within a singular business. By streamlining communication between the different departments involved in the manufacturing process, a customer’s needs become paramount in articulating an effective production model. Improving collaboration between different users involved within the production process is a benefit of using PlannerOne for Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the foundation of manufacturing ERP.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV also utilizes a job queue feature to make production more agile. In doing so, a project can be started and finished relative to the customer’s schedule. This level of insight ensures that manufacturers can complete projects with respect to time sensitivity. Job queues allow ERP users to specify, request and control the production process. Having this level of control enables users to set a time frame for when a job starts and finishes, improving the efficiency and productivity of projects that must meet different deadlines.

Job queues within Microsoft Dynamics NAV provide ERP users with access to use time slips. This component of the manufacturing business software allows users to accurately measure the amount of time a project takes to complete. By doing so, the efficiency of individual tasks can be analyzed. The ability to analyze the production process on a task-by-task basis allows users to see flaws within the manufacturing process. Providing users with awareness of potential flaws in their production process makes correcting these issues easier, ultimately leading to more efficient manufacturing.

Linked StepsThis scheduling ability helps ERP users within a manufacturing enterprise prevent overproduction. Avoiding overproduction enables a manufacturing enterprise to offer its commodities to employees at an affordable cost as well as scheduling production to accommodate a customer’s schedule. Job queues are another instance in which Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows manufacturing enterprises to implement a more customer centered production process.

By achieving customer centric manufacturing processes, delivery times can be improved as a result of improved manufacturing productivity. By delivering products to customers in the most timely manner, a manufacturing enterprise is sure to improve upon its customer relations.

Manufacturing ERP software that enhances the efficiency of scheduling systems has become imperative as manufacturing is more dependent upon accommodating customer demand. In order to meet a customer’s schedule, the production process must be subjectively tailored to their needs. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides manufacturers with ERP to improve their scheduling systems to fit these requirements. Accent Software, Inc. is a trusted Microsoft Business partner that can be used as an asset for manufacturers who look to advance their ERP to fit the needs of their consumer base.